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apimanu LebertoSan – herbal liver protection

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  • Significant improvement in fatty liver
  • Improvement of the sequelae of hepatitis
  • Treatment for toxic liver damage
  • Stimulates the regeneration of liver cells
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • is a cell stabilizer that protects the liver
  • purely vegetable
  • free of pollutants
  • well tolerated
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apimanu LebertoSan ® – natural medicine for fatty liver

The liver is one of the most important organs in human metabolism. It is essential for detoxification of the body. The liver also produces bile, which is needed to digest fats in the body. Only a healthy liver can optimally fulfill its various tasks. Overeating, medication, toxic substances, alcohol abuse and certain diseases (eg chronic hepatitis) put a strain on the liver and can impair its function. Unfortunately, such damage to the liver is quite common and manifests itself in tiredness, lack of drive, flatulence, a feeling of fullness, or a slight feeling of pressure in the upper abdomen. However, these possible signs of liver damage are often not taken seriously enough. A fatty liver, chronic liver inflammation or even cirrhosis of the liver can then be the result.

apimanu LebertoSan ® ayurveda Capsules contain the secondary plant substance silymarin in a highly concentrated and standardized form. Silymarin comes from the fruits of the milk thistle, the most important ingredient of which is the silymarin of the same name. Silymarin from milk thistle has an anti-inflammatory effect and is a so-called cell stabilizer that helps protect the liver against toxins, drugs and alcohol. It stimulates the formation of new liver cells and protects the liver from poisoning. Numerous international clinical studies and scientific investigations prove the health-related claims of the apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda ingredients according to the "Health Claim VO"

apimanu LebertoSan ® - natural medicine for fatty liver and contributes to

  • to protect the liver from poisoning
  • to stimulate the formation of new liver cells
  • restore normal liver function

apimanu LebertoSan ® ayurveda for fatty liver, hepatitis and toxic liver damage.

More recent studies at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry showed after ten years of intensive research that the regular consumption of silymarin, the ingredient of apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda, promotes the stimulation of certain metabolic processes in the liver cell
and restores normal liver functions. With the help of a gentle and standardized process, the special extract Silymarin for our natural product is made from the fruit of the milk thistle apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda produced.

apimanu LebertoSan® is also available in pharmacies

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All apimanu® products have pharmaceutical central numbers (PZN) in Austria and Germany. With this PZN, a pharmacy in Austria and Germany can find apimanu products in the pharmacy system and sell them to customers.
Here: Pharmacy central numbers of the pharmacies

Statutory mandatory information according to the European Food Information Regulation

– 180 mg milk thistle fruit extract equivalent to 144 mg silymarin (80% silymarin, calculated as
Silibin (HPLC))
Excipients: cellulose, magnesium stearate, rice flour
Capsule: vegan capsule

Recommended dosage:
One capsule 3 times a day 10 minutes before meals with warm water.

Maximum daily administration: 3 capsules

Important note:
If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you may use apimanu LebertoSan®
do not consume ayurveda.
apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda contains the extract silymarin from the fruit of the milk thistle.
Milk thistle are daisy family. Anyone allergic to daisy family and especially milk thistle
reacts, must not consume apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda.
Silymarin can soften stool. Pregnancy and lactation: No restrictions
known, but should also apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda in the first 3 months of pregnancy
only be taken after consulting a doctor.
Before taking this product you should consult your doctor, naturopath, naturopath or pharmacist
consult. Store dry and out of the reach of children. best before date
(MHD): see label imprint.
Dietary supplements and "dietetic foods for special medical purposes".
not a substitute for a balanced, healthy and varied diet and are not intended as
exclusive food source.

nutrition labeling
60 capsules = 22 g, 90 capsules = 33 g, 120 capsules = 44 g
Nutritional labeling of the average content of:
Phytochemicals per capsule - per daily serving (3 capsules) - per 100g
Milk Thistle Fruit Extract (80% Silymarin): 180 mg - 540 mg - 48,65 g
nutritional value
Protein 0,05g - 0,15g - 13,50g
Carbohydrates 0,049g - 0,147g - 13,23g
Fat 0,001g - 0,003g - 0,27g
Physiological calorific value
1,2 kcal/ 5,3 KJ – 2,4 kcal/ 10,6 KJ – 266,7 kcal/ 1178 KJ

Testimonials from our customers

Mr. Gerd Serg writes

Dear apimanu team, for 11 years I have been suffering from "Fatty liver". in one Message of the naturopath "René Graeber"I found a critical report on your company "apimanu" in autumn 2017 and I read your website and did some research on the Internet about your product "LebertoSan". There isn't much to it, unfortunately! Because I now have almost 12 weeks "liver tosan“ and my values ​​​​at the last examination are much better.

Rene Graeber's reporting generally speaks for your company, but the awareness of your natural remedy "Lebertosan" cannot be verified. Why not? You have a fantastic natural remedy for treating fatty liver.

Your Gerd Serge

My words to you:

Many thanks Mr. Serg for your report. I am very pleased that you are having success with our natural remedy apimanu LebertoSan. Surely you were able to find a lot of health-related information in the reporting by the naturopath Rene Graeber. And I am pleased that you found a report about our company there. The report by HP Graeber on the content of our website is informative and factual.

I cannot agree with HP Graeber's criticism of "restricting the maximum amount" of our natural remedies. Here it may be necessary to have a conversation between Mr. Graeber and myself.

Our natural remedy apimanu LebertoSan® is represented on the OTC market in 23 countries and our company is seeing increasing sales figures. In Austria and Germany, apimanu LebertoSan® is also sold through pharmacies.


dr Thomas Kuehn


Mrs. Katrin Frieben writes

Hello, I too would like to give you a positive feedback. My husband suffers from an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland, which causes, among other things, fatty liver. His values ​​were 96. After about 3 months of taking Lebertosan, the value was in the lower normal range at 30! dropped.

Many Thanks!!!!
More info: apimanu LebertoSan ayurveda

Mrs. Katrin Frieben writes

Good day Mr. Kuehn, thank you for your great product! You are very welcome to publish my experience report. I recommend your products as often as possible. My father and my mother-in-law are already busy buyers as a result. Kind regards
Catherine Frieben

Mrs. Anna-Maria Damain writes

I have been using the LebertoSan Ayurveda Capsules product for almost a year and have had success. My liver values ​​have dropped and I have changed my diet a bit... The "LebertoSan Ayurveda" capsules are the only capsules with the active ingredient silymarin that I can tolerate well and without side effects. When I found out from my family doctor today that my liver values ​​had dropped, I was very happy. According to the family doctor, I can take LebertoSan Ayurveda capsules from apimanu company for a longer period of time. Furthermore, I will order the LebertoSan Ayurveda capsules from you in the future and recommend the Apimanu-Company for their prompt delivery and good goods. I wish you every success in your future activities! Best regards, Anna Maria Damian
More info: apimanu LebertoSan ayurveda

Mrs Anna Maria Damain

I had my liver values ​​checked again a few days ago and to my great delight they have gotten even better, even my family doctor said that Lebertosan is a very good preparation. Thank you, Mfg Anna Maria Damian from Kempten, Germany
Further information: apimanu LebertoSan ayurveda

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