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Company data

apimanu Spain, SL
Apdo 362
03730 Javea (Alicante), Spain
Phone number: +34.634639995


Tax and License Data

International tax number (VAT ID): ESB54504675

Spanish tax number (NIF): B54504675

International EORI number: ESB54504675

License number at the commercial register office: 120120139460

License number at the health authorities: DE-10822012

Competent Spanish registry office: Registro Mercantil de Alicante (Spain)
Competent Spanish tax authority: Agencia Tributaria, Delegacion de Alicante

Competent supervisory authority: Agencia de Salud de la Comunidad Valencia, Delegacion Denia

apimanu® is listed as a licensed company with the “Agency Health and Consumers” at the European Commission under the national registration number (RGSEAA) No. 26.014168/A of the Health Authority.

Packaging register Germany (LUCID): License number: DE1701829296698

Altstoff Recycling Austria (Austria): License number: 96785

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