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Field reports on Lipotrope ®

    Mr. Guido Koenig

    your medication”lipotropes" is really good. I have no side effects and reduced my body weight from 7 kg to 112 kg within 87 weeks. What my doctor also noticed was mine cholesterol levels reduced very well and my blood pressure is also on the way to improvement. My doctor, Dr. M…………..n way 16 in 2XX41 Hamburg (Address and name made unrecognizable on behalf of the editors) will write to you to request information from you. I would appreciate if you send him the information. Your Guido König from Hamburg.


    my words to you: Mr. Koenig, I am very pleased that you are writing to us and that you are doing well with our natural remedy “apimanu Lipotrope ayurveda”. We will be happy to send information to the doctor treating you. He can contact our medical team directly: md-services[at]

    Finally, Mr. Koenig, "apimanu Lipotrope ayurveda" is not a medicine, but a "Dietetic food for special medical purposes for body fat reduction and weight reduction” and in all pharmacies in Germany under the Pharma central number (PZN) 1079305 and in the Federal Republic of Austria under the PZN 3040158.


    dr Thomas Kuehn


    Mr Stephen Schmidt

    apimanu Lipotrope helped me to reduce my high cholesterol level (LDL) extremely and in a short time. The values ​​were due to my high overweight at almost 900 mg/dl. I live in London /UK and eating is not conducive to health. Since taking Lipotrope, my cholesterol level has dropped to 440 mg/dl (German values). (period of three months). However, in addition to Lipotropne, I also took Olivosan from apimanu.

    My body weight has reduced from 119 kg to 97 kg during this period, WITHOUT being active in sports, which I have been doing with pleasure for a week now. Best regards, Stephan Schmidt

    Mrs. Jannice Mahlman

    Liportope is a fantastic natural remedy for people who refuse drugs and other chemical supplements but are still looking for a way to lose body fat. I'm just amazed and found my ideal weight again in 4 weeks. All the best to the company apimanu. Your wife Mahkmann.

    Mr. Holger Kalmring

    Dear Sir or Madam, I have been taking the apimanu Lipotrope ayurveda product for a year now and I can say that I am delighted. My muscles have built up and my body weight has constantly reduced.

    It is not difficult for me to keep my almost ideal weight with the product. This product really has no side effects, which is confirmed by the semi-annual examinations of my blood values. Really a fantastic preparation. At this point a compliment to the company apimanu. Holger Kalmring Oldenburg (Lower Saxony/Germany) Further information: apimanu lipotropes ayurveda.

    Ms. Susanne Miguel-Saez

    Buenos Noches, I'm thrilled that your products are now also available in the Herbolarias. Lipotrope Fat Burner is probably awesome. I already mobbled off 6 kilos in January. happy, happy!!! Keep it up, folks, and your product will be the Spanish super hammer. Yours, Susanne Miguel-Saez
    More info: apimanu lipotropes ayurveda