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Field reports on LebertoSan ®

    Mr. Gerd Serg writes

    Dear apimanu team, for 11 years I have been suffering from “Fatty liver“. in one Message of naturopaths”René Graeber” I found a critical report on your company “apimanu” in autumn 2017 and read your website and researched your product “LebertoSan” on the Internet. There isn't much to it, unfortunately! Because I now have almost 12 weeks "liver tosan” taken and my values ​​​​at the last examination are much better.

    Rene Graeber's reporting generally speaks for your company, but the awareness of your natural remedy "Lebertosan" cannot be verified. Why not? You have a fantastic natural remedy for treating fatty liver.

    Your Gerd Serge

    My words to you:

    Many thanks Mr. Serg for your report. I am very pleased that you are having success with our natural remedy apimanu LebertoSan. Surely you were able to find a lot of health-related information in the reporting by the naturopath Rene Graeber. And I am pleased that you found a report about our company there. The report by HP Graeber on the content of our website is informative and factual.

    I cannot follow HP Graeber's criticism of "restricting the maximum amount" of our natural remedies. Here it may be necessary to have a conversation between Mr. Graeber and myself.

    Our natural remedy apimanu LebertoSan® is represented on the OTC market in 23 countries and our company is seeing increasing sales figures. In Austria and Germany, apimanu LebertoSan® is also sold through pharmacies.


    dr Thomas Kuehn


    Mrs. Katrin Frieben writes

    Hello, I too would like to give you a positive feedback. My husband suffers from an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland, which causes, among other things, fatty liver. His values ​​were 96. After about 3 months of taking Lebertosan, the value was in the lower normal range at 30! dropped.

    Many Thanks!!!!
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    Mrs. Katrin Frieben writes

    Good day Mr. Kuehn, thank you for your great product! You are very welcome to publish my experience report. I recommend your products as often as possible. My father and my mother-in-law are already busy buyers as a result. Kind regards
    Catherine Frieben

    Mrs. Anna-Maria Damain writes

    I have been using the LebertoSan Ayurveda Capsules product for almost a year and have had success. My liver values ​​have dropped and I've changed my diet a bit... The "LebertoSan Ayurveda" capsules are the only capsules with the active ingredient silymarin that I can tolerate well and without side effects. When I found out from my family doctor today that my liver values ​​had dropped, I was very happy, according to the family doctor I can take LebertoSan Ayurveda capsules from apimanu company for a longer period of time. Furthermore, I will order the LebertoSan Ayurveda capsules from you in the future and recommend the Apimanu-Company for their prompt delivery and good goods. I wish you every success in your future activities! Best regards, Anna Maria Damian
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    Mrs Anna Maria Damain

    I had my liver values ​​checked again a few days ago and to my great delight they have gotten even better, even my family doctor said that Lebertosan is a very good preparation. Thank you, Mfg Anna Maria Damian from Kempten, Germany
    Further information: apimanu LebertoSan ayurveda