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Field reports on HypertoSan ®

    Testimonials HypertoSan

    Mr. Hans-Joachim Schulze

    with your natural remedy hypertosan I brought my blood pressure from 5 to 170 at the time to 90 to 140 yesterday within just under 80 weeks. What can I say: actually just THANK YOU that I got my blood pressure under control again with this natural remedy. You can be sure that I will remain a loyal customer of apimanu. Your Mr. Schulze from Berlin.

    Mrs. Doris Driedger

    I would like to compliment you on HytertoSan. I took it for a while because my blood pressure readings were elevated. At the same time, I started an exercise and relaxation program with the result that my blood pressure has normalized. That means I can now do without HypertoSan. Much to my doctor's delight. HypertoSan was a great help. Many Thanks. Kind regards, Doris Driedger

    Mr. Hansruedi Zellweger

    I've been using HypertoSan for a good two years now and I've brought my blood pressure down to around 130/80 over the long term. Your product keeps what it promises in the long term. Thank you very much! Further information:apimanu HypertoSan ayurveda

    More information from Sanego, the review portal

    Mr. G. Schweighofer

    Good day! I have been using apimanu HypertoSan for some time and I am very satisfied with the effect. ...With kind regards, G. Schweighofer

    Mr. Uri Steiner

    Grüezi, my son has been ordering for me for a long time Diabetic with you. Now, 10 weeks ago, my natural doctor also diagnosed high blood pressure. He then recommended your drug apimanu Hypertosan to me, which I also take regularly. I just got back from the exam this morning and I'm very happy. It helped. Now my question, I am a pensioner and only have a modest pension. As a regular customer, can you expect a small discount? Many Thanks. Sincerely, Uri Steiner.

    Mr. Rudolph Czech

    Forget media hassles. Your products apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda and apimanu HypertoSan ayurveda are simply brilliant and super. I've been completely healthy again for 2 years - thanks to your products. Best regards + THANK YOU from Rudolph Tschech. More information about apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda®

    Herr Helmut W. Karl writes

    Hello, I have been using HypertoSan for the last few months with quite good results. I was able to reduce the medication prescribed by the internist to half the ration and still have very good blood pressure values, my internist is also happy with it. 🙂 For almost six years I have had to take four different medications to reduce the levels from very high (well over 180/115) to tolerable levels (140/95). Because of the side effects of the chemical preparations, which I regret, I am quite confident that thanks to HyprtoSan I will be able to lead a better life again. Sincere thanks, Helmut W. Karl