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Our Aspiration

Many years of experience and distinctive competence, high quality and strong service – apimanu ® unites all of this. Apimanu has been a competent partner on the global OTC market for over 20 years when it comes to “Ayurvedic natural remedies and dietary supplements”. Lived commitment to innovation and traditional, Hanseatic and family-run entrepreneurship. That works! ... Original and since 1999. We at apimanu® operate our companies 100% using solar energy with our own solar system. apimanu® stands for value retention and is a licensing partner with “Der Grüne Punkt” and “ARA-Altstoff Recycling Austria” for packaging recycling.

“We like “organic” and “vegan” and guarantee high quality.”

apimanu ® is a developer and manufacturer of Ayurveda natural remedies without chemicals and functional nutritional supplements

Our ingredients and compositions are based on both ancient ayurvedic medicine (Sinhalese Materia Medica) and the latest findings in nutritional science and medicine. Our products are administered in vegan capsule form. Our orthomolecular medicine products are manufactured in the form of tablets. The natural preparations are sold on the global (worldwide) OTC market. The natural preparations from apimanu® are now used successfully in 35 countries.

apimanu® offers preparations from Ayurveda medicine for the following areas of application:

apimanu® offers products from orthomolecular medicine for the following areas of application:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • anti-inflammatory drugs
  • antioxidant
  • Gut health
  • Detoxification and simultaneous supply of vital substances
  • Vitamin B complex to strengthen the nervous system

All preparations from the company apimanu:

  • free from toxic substances & impurities
  • generally well tolerated
  • free from heavy metal pollution
  • are subject to steady and strict quality control
  • standardized & highly extracted
  • cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • correspond to the applicable directives of the EU Commission and the consolidating directives of the EU Commission
  • correspond to the FDA US guidelines

All preparations from the company apimanu® with safe maximum amounts:

When formulating their own preparations, apimanu® adheres to the recommendations for maximum amounts of minerals, trace elements and phytochemicals of the following state institutions to ensure maximum safety for our customers: