Field reports on Lipotrope ®

Mr. Guido König Your medication “Lipotrope” is really good. I have no side effects and reduced my body weight from 7 kg to 112 kg within 87 weeks. What my doctor also noticed was that my cholesterol levels have reduced very well and my blood pressure is also on the way to improvement. My doctor, Dr. M…………..n Weg 16 in 2XX41 Hamburg (address and name made unrecognizable on behalf of the editors) will write to you to request information from you. I would appreciate if you send him the information. Your Guido König from Hamburg. My words to you:... Continue reading "Field reports on Lipotrope ®

Field reports on LebertoSan ®

All information about LebertoSan is available here

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Field reports on HypertoSan ®

Mr. Hans-Joachim Schulze, with your natural remedy Hypertosan, I brought my blood pressure from 5 to 170 at the time to 90 to 140 yesterday within just under 80 weeks. What can I say: actually just THANK YOU that I got my blood pressure under control again with this natural remedy. You can be sure that I will remain a loyal customer of apimanu. Your Mr. Schulze from Berlin. Ms. Doris Driedger I would like to compliment you on HytertoSan. I took it for a while because my blood pressure readings were elevated. At the same time I started an exercise and relaxation program with the result that… Continue reading "Field reports on HypertoSan ®

Experience reports on NeurotoSan from apimanu

Field reports on NeurotoSan ®

Ms. Ulrike Everding writes: Dear Sir or Madam, I have been taking NeurotoSan for a few days and already feel more balanced and have significantly fewer negative thoughts. I feel more joie de vivre, I can concentrate better and I'm simply more alert... Mr. Peios F. Nico Dear Sir or Madam, I have been suffering from depression combined with an addiction for five years. For years I have been treated by doctors with antidepressants and other strong drugs with strong side effects. To this day I haven't seen any improvement until the day I tried your pills and since then it's been... Continue reading "Field reports on NeurotoSan ®

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Diabetic reviews of apimanu Diabgymna ®

Following your request, Ms. Silvia Stockmann, you may publish my email. I assume that you will not make my personal data public. (Neither email address nor postal data please) “ Dear Dr. Kuehn, I've been taking your natural remedy to treat my diabetes for two months now. Hard to describe how apimanu Diabgymna regulated my blood sugar. I am a type 2 diabetic and on the 2nd day after lunch my blood glucose readings were 120 after 2 hours. They used to be around 150 to 190. I measure in the morning, at noon and in the evening as recommended by my doctor. Doctor, come today... Continue reading "Diabetic reviews of apimanu Diabgymna ®

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Within our manufacturing process we use cGMP certified automated stainless steel machines of the latest generation. apimanu® adheres to the basic principle of the so-called "Hygienic Design & HACCP". Undesirable microorganisms or residues and impurities cannot get into our products and impair production hygiene or food safety. Our entire machine park meets the high requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 regarding food safety and quality and Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 on food hygiene (Annex II, Chapter V). Our high safety standards, dosing accuracy, sterilization capability, low tolerances in process management, combined with the know-how, good knowledge and experience of hygienic risks, guarantee safety in the manufacturing process of our products.... Continue reading "our production

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More and more people trust naturopathy. They are people who are open-minded and accept alternatives to western conventional medicine. Natural herbal remedies play an important role in naturopathy. In addition to the expected effectiveness, people expect natural remedies with high bioavailability, purely herbal extracts and purity of the ingredients from manufacturers. apimanu® is the developer and manufacturer of such herbal natural remedies. apimanu® has high quality standards. The company was founded in late 1999 by me, Dr. Thomas Kuehn, founded. apimanu® has been a family business from the start. People in 35 different countries now trust the natural remedies from apimanu®. Please find out more about our products on our website. Read… Continue reading "apimanu® – original since 1999.

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On this page we explain what we mean by product quality at apimanu. apimanu® offers a balanced selection of high-quality, purely herbal products natural remedies, natural medicine products, healthy food supplements, powerful vital substances. We make these natural products from our own production available for sale. Thus we guarantee a high product quality at apimanu. Continue reading "Product quality at apimanu