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We at apimanu® operate our companies 100% with solar energy from our own solar system and maintain value throughout the entire production process. Our products are plant-based and vegan.

apimanu ayurvedic medicine
apimanu ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic medicine from apimanu®

Herbal natural remedies from Ayurveda medicine for a better quality of life for high blood pressure, diabetes and liver diseases. Find out more here at apimanu.

orthomolecular medicine
Orthomolecular Medicine

OM medicine from apimanu®

Orthomolecular (OM) medicine according to the recipes of Dr. Kuehn for a healthy intestine, a strong immune system, a special vitamin B complex and detoxification success. Every recipe is top quality and vegan.

Animal Natural Remedies

Natural animal remedies from apimanu®

BestCat ®– for cats with diabetes. BestCat® regulates blood sugar levels. However, your cat will not get into the situation of “low blood sugar”.

apimanu health shop

Your shop at apimanu

Here in our shop you will find information about our products and you can easily order your selected products from apimanu using our simple ordering function. You have numerous payment options, such as Paypal, invoice, credit card, etc.

MedJournal at apimanu

In our MedJournal we provide interested readers with exciting reports on various topics in the areas of health, medicine and naturopathy.

apimanu logo

Our company

Many years of experience and pronounced, responsible competence, high quality and strong service - all this combines apimanu®. For more than 20 years at the global OTCmarket, apimanu is a competent partner when it comes to “natural remedies & orthomolecular medicine”. Lived commitment to innovation and traditional, Hanseatic family-run entrepreneurship. That works! ... original and since 1999.

Experience reports from apimanu customers

Testimonials from our customers

More and more people are trusting natural medicine, more and more people are trusting Ayurveda and orthomolecular medicine. More and more people from this group of open-minded people trust the competence of apimanu®. Numerous customers provide their testimonials about our products here for you as a reader.

apimanu production

Our production

Within our manufacturing process we use cGMP certified automated stainless steel machines of the latest generation. apimanu® adheres to the basic principle of the so-called "Hygienic design & HACCP" . Undesirable microorganisms or residues and impurities cannot get into our products and impair production hygiene or food safety. Our entire machine park meets…

Product quality at apimanu

Our product quality

On this page we explain what we mean by product quality at apimanu. apimanu® offers a balanced selection of high-quality, purely herbal products natural remedies, natural medicine products, healthy nutritional supplements, powerful vital substances...